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The AJR Team can help you:

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  4. Exceed your customer’s expectations

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  2. Sourcing Assistance
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Made in the USA

AJR Specialty Products, LLC is proud to be Made in the USA. We can help you make your product American made in our manufacturing facility in St. Charles, Illinois. With over 30 years of experience, AJR is committed to helping you with your business needs, and keeping your business! We begin our relationships by offering consultative services and then finding a solution to production. Our goal is to create a long-term relationship and provide high-quality customer service. Our employees, facilities and equipment help us meet this goal and develop loyalty for our customers. Our history speaks for itself.

Still in concept phase? We can help!

If your product is still in the concept phase, we can help guide you through the manufacturing process to bring your product to market. Our aggressive quoting system allows you to manufacture in the United States as a viable alternative to international sourcing.

From Consultation To Production

If you’re looking to get your product concept up and running or create manufacturing options for your existing product line, AJR offers a free, no obligation consultation.

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